Kaiser Permanente Fontana

Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center housed its Medical Records in the basement before all hard copies went digital. Over time, the basement space become underused, leading to a decision to completely renovate the space. Once the space was renovated Kaiser Permanente would relocate their Neurosurgery / Anesthesia Clinic down to the basement.

eos worked closely with the design team to find LED lighting solutions to brighten up the dark basement. Using our MEDIA FRAME LightPanel™ System in 5300k to backlight nature photography the design team was able to create LED clerestories that offer panoramic views to nature in the provider’s offices.

The public square-inspired front porch waiting areas feature our suspended MEDIA FRAME LightPanel™ System that backlight cloud graphics that mimic the sky creating LED Panel Skylights that open up the space in hallways and walking areas.

The Kaiser Permanente Neurosurgery / Anesthesia Remodel at Fontana Medical Center recently won a 2016 Design Award from Kaiser Permanente that honors the professional design consultants that helped bring this project to life.

At eos we are honored to be part this award-winning project by providing the LED Lighting Solutions that brought Kaiser Permanente’s and the designers’ vision to fruition.

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