CRYSTAL LightPanel System

The CRYSTAL LightPanel System is a clear, dual-sided, ultra-slim sheet of light designed to give even light output on both sides of the panel. When the panel is not illuminated, it is clear and translucent.

The CRYSTAL LightPanel System can be delivered framed or Frameless, in Color, ColorTuning, or Custom. It was developed to be used in illuminated shelving, blade type signage and partition walls.

The CRYSTAL LightPanel System can also be used to replicate a faux daylight underneath a working UV treated skylight in the evening.


ADDITIONAL FEATURES                  

•4.3 W / per linear foot –24VDC Standard
Power (Optional 12VDC)
•5.0 W / per linear foot – 24V High Power
•8.6 W / per linear foot – Double Strand High
Power LED Strip



• 0-10V dimming
• Magnetic low voltage (MLV)
• Electronic low voltage (ELV)
• RF Dimmable Plug In
• Inline Dimmable Plug-In


•1800K  •2400K  •2700K  •3000K •3500K  •4000K  •5000K  •6000K* •6500K  •7500K  •UV (Ultraviolet)

*formerly 5300K.
Bolded colors are commonly available in stock.