FRAMED LightPanel System

The FRAMED LightPanel System was designed for unfinished applications where the LightPanel would be part of a larger assembly, or the LightPanel is the finished feature and needs to be visible with a finished profile

The FRAMED LightPanel System offers finished aluminum profiles starting at 1/4″ thin. This unique design provides an ultra-slim sheet of light with a finished aluminum edge in square or rectangle configurations

ADDITIONAL FEATURES                  

• 4.3 W / per linear foot – 24VDC Standard Power (Optional 12VDC)
• 5.0 W / per linear foot – 24V High Power
• 8.6 W / per linear foot – Double Strand High Power LED Strip


• 0-10V dimming
• Magnetic low voltage (MLV)
• Electronic low voltage (ELV)
• Remote Control Plug-In
• Inline Dimmable Plug-In


•1800K  •2400K  •2700K  •3000K •3500K  •4000K  •5000K  •6000K* •6500K  •7500K  •UV (Ultraviolet)

*formerly 5300K.
Bolded colors are commonly available in stock.