• At EOS Light Panel Systems we believe it is our responsibility to conduct all aspects of our business as responsible stewards of the environment.
  • EOS Light Panel Systems strives to conduct every aspect of our business in a sustainable manner of conserving natural resources, lessening our carbon footprint, reducing pollution and helping to protect our Planet.
  • EOS Light Panel Systems is committed to aiding companies, municipalities, schools, consumers and policy makers to combat climate change by replacing traditional lighting with LED Light Panel technology that complies with the US Department of Energy (DOE) Guidelines for Solid State Lighting (SSL) components by sourcing only the finest LEDs that are tested and compliant with the LM-79 and LM-80 guidelines set forth by the DOE.
  • EOS Light Panel Systems will consistently comply with all environmental laws and regulations and other requirements related to all our business activities. We even seek to go beyond what is required by law and will continue.
  • At EOS Light Panel Systems we will strive to educate all who we work with about; energy conservation and its effect on the environment as well as best sustainable business practices.
  • At EOS Light Panel Systems we will strive to lessen environmental, health and safety risks from our employees to our communities in which we operate through education, safe technologies and operating procedure.