The SKY LUMINAIRE is designed to be a suspended fixture that functions as a
custom sized Luminare that can be tied into a standard T-BarCeiling System.
The SKY LUMINAIRE can be produced up to 78″ x 39″, and transforms rooms and interior spaces that are dark and that receive little to no daylight into restorative beautiful spaces.

With the optional second surface printed graphics EOS can provide, the
SKY LUMINAIRE is more than capable of bringing a touch of nature in an otherwise
enclosed room.

The SKY LUMINAIRE may be used to accommodate a large number of applications that include:

ADDITIONAL FEATURES                  

24V Standard Power or 24V High Power
available. 12V available upon request





• 0-10V dimming • DMX/DALI
• Magnetic low voltage (MLV)
• Electronic low voltage (ELV)
• RF Dimmable Plug In
• Inline Dimmable Plug-In



•1800K  •2400K  •2700K  •3000K •3500K  •4000K  •5000K  •6000K* •6500K  •7500K  •UV (Ultraviolet)

*formerly 5300K.

Bolded colors are commonly available in stock.